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It’s a New Year, Time for a New ME

I was doing some research on food holidays about a month ago and I stumbled across one that read “Ditch Your Resolutions Day”. Date: January 17th, 2017. I had planned on doing a follow-up post to my Reflections on 2016 post, one more focused on my outlook for 2017. So when I saw that this holiday existed, I thought it would be highly appropriate to share my New Year’s goals and resolutions!

This year, I wanted to take a very different approach to how I planned for the new year. I don’t always come up with resolutions, but when I do, I rarely stick to them. Like the two or three years I said I was going to train fro a 15K so I could run the Gate River Run, but then didn’t. Or the year I decided I was going to get pregnant and very obviously, I didn’t (although it wasn’t for a lack of trying!!). But I was tired of always deserting my dreams somewhere between January 1st and 10th. There had to be a better way!


About a month before Thanksgiving, a good friend of mine forwarded me an email she’d received from Danielle LaPorte. In it, she talked about The Desire Map and shared her 2017 workbook. I was immediately intrigued and asked my friend to tell me more. I don’t want to completely give it all away, but The Desire Map is built around the concept that in order to accomplish anything, you really need to look into how you want to feel when doing it. The feelings are what really drive us to pursue a goal and if we don’t have those feelings, then we’re more apt to abandon the goals.


I loved it. This was exactly what I had been looking for, without even realizing it. And although my feelings had 100% been behind my goal to get pregnant, feelings alone weren’t going to get me to that goal. Likewise, when I stopped training for the 15K, it was because I wasn’t really passionate about the goal to begin with. So, because I’m impulsive, I went out at bought my own copy of The Desire Map. And it sat on my shelf for awhile (you, know, work and the move) before I realized, “oh my gosh, I wanna do this before the new year begins!!”

After spending every night for the last two weeks of 2106, I finally chose my top 5 desired feelings. Now, before you go wondering if I completely gave up goal-setting, take a deep breath. I definitely did, but following The Desire Map helped me to hone in on what I could accomplish while still meeting the desired feelings. I was so tickled with my work that I made myself a bulletin board combining my goals and core desired feelings, along with some of my musings that I wanted to keep in mind.



Something else I began in the second half of 2016 was the Wheel of Life worksheet. As promised, I have stopped checking in on this every month, but I still wanted to be sure I kept those key areas of my life in mind as I look ahead to the New Year. So, I looked back over my last Wheel of Life worksheet and chose 9 areas I felt I should focus on for optimal balance in 2017. As you can see, I kept my goals small and in line with my Desire Map goals. No sense in overwhelming myself with more goals, especially since the point of this activity is to feel more balanced!!


And so, with these two pieces, I marched boldly into the new year. And then, as fate would have it, I discovered a missing third piece to my new journey. During the first week of January, I listened to an amazing podcast by Soulfeed’s Shannon Algeo entitled “Practice Golden Integrity. It was an amazing session and one of the key points that hit home for me was the idea of determining one thing – one – that matters most to you for 2017 and then committing to this one idea. Instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to do too much, just focus on one fantastically great idea and then center all your intentions around it. I immediately knew what my one idea was – for 2017, I was committed to me. To re-discovering myself; to putting myself first; to never giving up on my dreams; to showing myself I am worth it.


Shannon doesn’t stop there. No, once you’ve chosen you one super huge commitment for 2017, he pushes you further, asking… “So now, what needs to happen this year? Over the next 12 months, what are 12 actions that could serve this important thing?” Well, for me, there could be a number of things that I could participate in to get me closer to my BIG – big important goal (no not giant). But I didn’t want to pick just any 12 things and I certainly don’t want to add my burgeoning list of things to accomplish in 2017, so I took my time with this task.


The final burning question Shannon leaves you with is this…

“What needs go happen now – this month – so that I know that I’m committed to what matters?”

Pretty powerful, right?

I still have two full weeks left of January, but I feel like I’ve already begun committing to myself in a big way. And it’s not in just one gigantic movement or project – it’s in tiny, baby steps. Like committing to wake up an extra hour earlier each day to read, pray, and stretch before I go run and start my workday. Like choosing my core feelings for the week and taking care to feel that way through thoughtful actions. Like look at my Wheel of Life mini goals and finding one to focus on for the week.


I know it’s only the 3rd week of the year, but I’m beginning to feel that this could be my greatest year yet. A lot can go right when you have a positive mindset.

What I’m looking forward to:

I’m going to leave you with this…out of all the goals, desired feelings, and commitments, this is what I’m most looking forward to in

new years eve 2017

  • Writing my own book! I have a few ideas in mind, but haven’t decided which to pursue yet…
  • Falling in love in a more spiritual and passionate way…whenever the time is right…
  • Traveling to new places…
  • Embracing the spiritual side of myself…
  • Finding myself, wherever I’ve been locked away, and bringing her back to life…
  • Feeling strong, regardless of what I’m doing…



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