Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach that is dedicated to empowering every client to be their best selves through maintaining balance and making healthy decisions.

Now you may look at me and think, “yah – of course you’re a health coach. You’ve probably never struggled a day in your life.”

That is where you would be wrong.


For years, I struggled with negative self-esteem, unhealthy weight gain, and terrible eating habits. I couldn’t accomplish personal goals and was constantly stressed, unable to maintain a healthy work-life balance. It wasn’t until I began my journey to become a mother and struggled with fertility issues that I finally realized I couldn’t do this on my own. With the help of an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I was able to completely transform myself, my lifestyle, and my future. Through coaching, I was able to become the woman I’d always strived to be and to accomplish my dream of becoming a mother. I graduated from the esteemed Institute for Integrative Nutrition and draw upon my in-depth training in nutrition, health and wellness, and coaching skills, as well as my personal experiences to guide clients.

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I focus on two key areas – primary food and secondary food. Secondary food is what we feed ourselves nutritionally through diet – fruits, veggies, carbs, and yes, even sweets. It’s what’s on our plate. Primary food is what we feed ourselves off the plate – our relationships, career, physical activity, and spirituality. These pieces of our lives are just as important as secondary food, nourishing us to feel “full” or (when ignored) leaving an empty “hunger” inside.

My role as a Health Coach is to guide clients in discovering what areas of primary food may be lacking so that the hunger lurking deep within can be satiated. Secondary food is also addressed, focusing on how to bring life and nourishment through diet and physical activity. My coaching style also supports the concept of bio-individuality – that no one thing works the same for every person. Every client is unique, and I treat the whole person individually in order to help them bring a true balance to their life. I firmly believe that anything can be resolved over time with consistency and dedication.

One of the most important aspects of my coaching is the open, safe space I provide for sharing. By taking the time to listen to your concerns, I am able to gain insight as to what each person is going through and the areas of their life that could be causing imbalance. From there, I work closely with each of my clients to determine your short and long-term goals. Together, we form a partnership and develop a unique path towards achieving these goals. In addition to 1:1 coaching, I also offers group coaching and leads workshops on nutrition and wellness.

* The role of a Health Coach is not to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, condition or other physical or mental ailment of the human body.  Any information provided should not be seen as medical or nursing advice and is not meant to take the place of seeing licensed health professionals.