Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I’m what they would call a kitchenista. According to Urban Dictionary, a kitchenista is: “A sassy cook such as wife, mother or friend that can cook up just
about anything in her kitchen. She has fun and enjoys the entire process! a Kitchenista aims to impress!” A true to that definition, I am one sassy woman both in and out of the kitchen. I’m comfortable in my own skin, confident in my cooking skills, and I’ll tell you like it is.


I’m a former teacher turned corporate employee. While I grew up cooking thanks to my mother, I never received professional training. I like to consider the training my mother gave me to be pretty top-notch, especially considering how popular her dishes and baked goods are around my home town. When I was in transition between teaching and my current career, I considered two very different avenues – culinary school or medical school to become a physical therapist. I remember wanting to become a physical therapist when I was in high school, but science was never my strong suit. While I love helping others, I just didn’t have the financial funds to get a graduate degree at the age of 26. So I instead began a career in corporate America.

While I absolutely love my day job, I can honestly say that being active and being in the kitchen are my two stress relievers. Never have I come home from the office and been absolutely agitated in the kitchen. If anything, being in my kitchen calms me and centers me. The same can be said when I put on my running shoes and go for a jog. Something is very calming about both of these activities and so long as they’re working, I’m going to keep them up!

As I mentioned, my mom instilled cooking as a necessary skill from a very young age. And before you go thinking this is sexist, I’ll have you know she taught my younger brother the same skills as she did me. She felt it was important for us to have the knowledge and experience in the kitchen so that we could cook for ourselves once we left home. My brother and I both to this day have a passion for cooking and often trade photos via text of our latest masterpieces.

While I have always loved cooking and baking, I haven’t always been very athletic. It wasn’t until high school that I began focusing on my fitness. It’s come and gone throughout the many seasons of my life, but as I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize just how important it is to be fit and active. I’ve been an avid runner these past 4 years since meeting my husband and have grown increasingly health-conscious. I have truly believe that you get out what you put in. I feel it’s very important to take care of your body so that it will in turn take care of you!