Meal Plans

You know what really helps me when I’m in a jam? Having my meals planned and prepped so that when I hit the rush-hour jackpot or I’ve had the day from you-know-where, I don’t have to cave to those horrible choices (i.e. fast food or slaving in a hot kitchen).

Here is where I’ll be storing my weekly meal plans. I’ll be updating every few weeks, so check back often to see what fits your week’s schedule!

Week 1: Sugar Detox for the Win!

Week 2: Healthy Eating Can Be Done on a Budget

Week 3: 21 Day Fix Approved

Week 4: It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Week 5: Mediterranean

Week 6: Six More Weeks of Winter

Week 10: Pancakes & Strawberries Galore!

Week 11: Pumpkin, Sweet Potatoes, & More

Week 12: It’s Almost Spring But…

Week 14: Rain Rain, Go Away…

Week 16: Let’s Add Some Spices

Week 17: Running Ain’t Easy

Week 18: Gimme that Bowl!

Week 19: Beat the Clock – 30 Minutes or Less!

Week 21: Summer Days Are Just Around the Corner

Week 22: Alkaline Your Life – 5 Day Detox

Week 23: 5 Great Ways to Use a Rotisserie Chicken

Week 24:

Week 25: