I’ll be quite honest with you – the topic of nutrition is not something that has always been a important to me. I’ve had to focus in on my nutrition in the past because I was overweight and wanted desperately to lose said weight. But even then, I never really paid attention to what I was eating. I just blindly followed diet plans (like Weight Watchers) and counted calories/points to make sure I didn’t go over my daily limit. I never took the time to understand why I was supposed to eat those things.

So why the sudden change in heart? Well, three things caused this catalyst. The first came in the form of a routine annual check-up. I was startled, shocked, and mortified when I stepped on the scale and realized that in the course of 12 months, I’d managed to gain 15+ pounds. The last time I had gained that much weight was shortly before I dislocated my knee. And so, I began working out and watching what I was eating. Two months later, I hadn’t lost much weight, despite cutting out desserts and most carbs.

Around this same time, I was becoming frustrated that after 6 months of trying, I was unable to get pregnant. I didn’t want to run to the doctor for a quick fix, so I began to read about fertility nutrition. I was amazed to learn that a good number of things that were recommended I was not ingesting! About this time, the third catalyst entered my life in the form of a high school friend. I can still remember to this day calling him and spending nearly 2 hours on the phone, discussing everything from high school, to family, to nutrition. He excitement for nutrition (and all things Suzanne Somers) made me question everything I had known about nutrition up until that point.

And so began my journey to understand nutrition – not just for myself, but for my future baby. I began to read and learn about why I should be eating clean, organic foods and why  fat was not the enemy after all. And this journey is what lead me here – to you – as The Savvy Kitchenista. I still have a lot to learn, and I hope you’re ready to hope on this train with me! It’s going to be an exciting ride!

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